Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Send send me your mailbag questions

In all my years of writing on various platforms, I'm pretty sure I've never actually done a formal Mailbag column. This is in violation of the World Sportswriting Code, and they've threatened to put me in jail if I don't start one soon.

So this is my call out to you to send me questions for some future mailbag. Weird ideas, history questions, would-you-rather dilemmas, bizarre hypotheticals … you know the drill, you've read plenty of these over the years.

I've set up an email account at dgbmailbag@gmail.com that you can use to send in questions. If you're on twitter, you can DM me.

When will the column run? I have no idea. But I think this could be fun, especially during this never-ending offseason when there's nothing else to talk about. The mailbag is a cool idea, I'm glad I invented it just now.

Thanks in advance,


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