Thursday, June 7, 2018

Grab bag: Should Vegas boo Gary Bettman?

In a special Thursday edition of the Friday Grab Bag:
- Important advice for Caps fans on how to celebrate a Cup win the right way
- The case for and against Las Vegas fans booing Gary Bettman
- An obscure player who once got punched by a recently fired GM
- The week's three comedy stars, in which we find out a superhero reads hockey blogs
- And a look back at Bettman's first Cup hand off, 25 years ago this week...

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  1. Ok, so this is unrelated to the Grab Bag, but I read this today:

    Combined with my understanding that the Caps are a REALLY superstitious team, and even more combined with that they are probably going to win the Cup, is there any chance we can get a summer story from you about the Caps's superstitions and quirks? I don't know how easy or hard this could be for you but a story like that would be awesome to read and it would be very DGB appropriate.

    (And all I ask is if you use the idea, you send me a bag of Ruffles All Dressed. The US version is crap compared to the Canadian version)

  2. I couldn't read this until today. Thanks, Sean - this is why Caps fans love you. :)