Friday, July 22, 2016

Grab Bag: Let your body go with the flow

In the Friday Grab Bag:
- The NHL should celebrate it's 100th birthday by bring back celebrity captains
- One key point to remember when fighting the analytics war, which will never end.
- An obscure player who was creatively nicknamed Bussey, and the weird story of why.
- No, signing bonuses won't cause the next lockout. Nothing will.
- And a classic youtube breakdown of the Moog video. You know the one.

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  1. DGB, if you're reading this, I thought of the perfect video for you if you haven't already shown it (though I've read every Grab Bag you've ever written). The combination of "1990ish", "popular song remix" and "CBC" immediately triggered 3 words: Habs Habs Baby!

    1. Ha. Good call. Not only is that one up next week, it's actually already been written. Stay tuned.