Friday, June 10, 2016

Grab bag: The Penguins win the Stanley Cup

In the Friday Grab Bag:
- An extended rant about the NHL's awful TV ratings and what they really mean
- What the outrage over expansion rules is missing
- An obscure former Penguin and Sharks who you wanted to punch in the face
- The week's three comedy stars, featuring a mysterious churro
- And the Pittsburgh Penguins win the (1991) Stanley Cup

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1 comment:

  1. For the expansion rules question...

    Isn't the "no-movement clauses must be protected" thing a godsend to this?

    The biggest worry about the expansion draft was about "how do we make sure that Las Vegas/Quebec get enough talent to have a fighting chance to put on a competitive team out of the gate?"...well, isn't the easiest, most feasible way to do that "require them to protect anyone with a no-movement deal?"

    Whether it's David Clarkson being forced to be protected by Columbus, or retired guys like Chris Pronger/Nathan Horton not being able to be the Guy LaFleur Memorial pick of the draft, the same point is there- they're taking up one protected slot for the Expansion Draft...which puts one more talented player in the grasp of Las Vegas or Quebec- and in the process, would make that team just that little bit more competitive than they'd get without a "Pick this retired guy with a no-movement, you get higher up on the Cup roster and we'll throw you a draft pick for your troubles" bullshit.