Friday, May 6, 2016

I am so old, and other thoughts on the Coyotes' new GM

The late 80s were a fun time to be a hockey fan. Wayne Gretzky won the final Stanley Cup of his career, was traded, and then watched the Calgary Flames win their very first. Mario Lemieux won his first MVP, a Hall-of-Famer made a stunning return to the league, and the first wave of Russian stars arrived in the NHL. We saw the first ever goalie to shoot and score, then saw the same guy appoint himself team enforcer. There was a lights-out brawl at the World Juniors and a donut-related referees strike in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was pretty wild.

If all of that is bringing back fond memories for you, then you may want to stop reading now, because you’re about to feel very old: on Thursday, the Arizona Coyotes appointed a general manager who wasn’t alive for any of those things.

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