Monday, January 18, 2010

Please help Leafs Nation raise money for Haiti

Tonight, the Barilkosphere will come together in unity over something other than our hatred for Vesa Toskala.

You've no doubt seen the footage of the devastation in Haiti. While it's easy to feel powerless when faced with those sorts of images, you can help by donating to the Red Cross. With the scale of this disaster, it's really true that every little bit helps.

For tonight's Leafs/Predators game, the folks at Pension Plan Puppets will donate $0.06 for every comment in tonight's game threads. Down Goes Brown will be matching that donation for the first 10,000 comments.

You can help. Head on over to Pension Plan Puppets tonight at 8:00 and start commenting. Then keep going, either until the end of the game or until SB Nation's servers implode into dust.

And if you can, please make a donation of your own to the Canadian Red Cross.

Leafs Nation: If you've been wondering what to do with that money you'd set aside for playoff tickets, now you know. Let's do some good.


  1. This is a very good idea. Silver Seven Sens did it on Saturday. Class act by you too for matching the first 10,000.

  2. Also, Canadians can text HAITI to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army Canada's relief efforts. You can do it up to 6 times a month.

  3. Here, here. Great job on a great blog.

  4. Hilarious to find marketing spam on a post about donating to help victims of an earthquake.