Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti fundraiser: An update, and a challenge

Last night's Pension Plan Puppets fundraiser was a huge success. The goal of 10,000 comments was reached, resulting in a total donation of $2,001 and counting. Head over to PPP for all the details.

A sincere thank you to everyone who was involved (including the folks at Silver Seven Sens who came up with the idea).

If you missed the event, or you'd like to do more, please make a donation:
Canadian Red Cross | American Red Cross | NHL/UNICEF

Remember, every little bit helps.

And now, a challenge: Senator fans started the ball rolling. Leaf fans raised the stakes. Who's next? The bar has been set, but I know somebody out there can do better. Why not you?

If you and your fellow fans would like to organize a similar fundraiser (or something altogether different) and want help promoting it, let me know.


  1. The Cannon is doing one, as well. www.jacketscannon.com. THey are the SBN Blue Jackets blog.

  2. Canucks fans at CDC were originally raising a good chunk of change for Canucks Place in support of "Alex Burrows for Free and Unbiased Refereeing".

    I think there is some talk about donating to Haiti, I'd check on CDC (canucks.com)