Monday, January 12, 2009

1967 vs 1961

Just a quick note that I'll be appearing on tonight's episode of the Hockeenight "Puckcast" podcast, via the fine folks at the Chicago Blackhawks blog

We'll be talking about old Norris battles, the current outlook of the Leafs, and presumably sharing Stanley Cup stories that our great-grandparents told us.

Assuming we get throuh the entire hour without them hanging up on me because I steer every conversation back to Wendel Clark killing Mike Peluso, the podcast should be posted some time late tonight or tomorrow morning. Head over and check it out.

Update: You can now listen to the podcast using the link below. Topics discussed included the Norris division glory days, the instigator rule, hockey moustaches, Stu Grimson's madness and whether Bryan Marchment was the worst human being of all-time.

And just for old time's sake:


  1. My favourite part:

    "Mike Peluso is no slouch, at 6'4" and over two hundred pounds".

  2. DGB, thanks for coming on, we had a blast. Hopefully Fork didn't screw up the recording...

  3. I hope Leeman/Savard was mentioned...

  4. i don't understand how players didn't crap their pants whenever they played against Wendel...

    I mean literally. How was there not a whole mess of dirty hockey shorts?

    I'm scared of him on video.

  5. For some reason, I always thought that Blackhawk getting his ass kicked was Rob Brown. Right number, right era, right epic fail. Never knew it was Mike Peluso.

  6. @shaner...

    Mike Peluso is the #44 who gets killed by Wendel. Rob Brown was the #44 who got killed by Sylvain Lefebvre.

    Executive summary: If you're a Hawk and you wear #44, do not try to fight a Leaf at MLG.

  7. Why didn't somebody beat the hell out of Patrick Poulin?!?

  8. CT - smart, I like. Smartass, not so much. I did not screw up the's all there, prostate exam joke and all.