Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Passion Returns!

This classic video was mentioned in the comments of the Clark-McSorely post. I mentioned (based on past searches) that the video wasn't available online.

Well, it turns out I was wrong. The full video was uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago. God bless the webernet.

With a hat tip to youtuber "Jefflered", here's the full video:

Good times.

And seriously... Dougie, WTF?


  1. Sean i can't believe you found this online...lol...this is awesome...man, i love that video...dougie's hair is awesome...they all look so bloody young, especially fletcher! that 6-5 comeback against dallas was unbelievable...darren freakin puppa...gilmour's 5 assist night...andreychuck 50 goals...gilmour with a hundred and freaking 27 points...95 assists!!...borschevsky 34 goals...just unreal...

    so many great memories. it really has been all downhill since then.

  2. I think the highlight of the entire video may be a young Damien Cox (with hair!) saying nice things about the Leafs.

    I'm sure he's tried to buy every copy and burn it to destroy the evidence.

  3. i also love that song:

    "leafs are the best! better than all the rest! from the east coast to the west, leafs are the beeeeeeeest!"

    and yes, gilmour and cox had some funky hair man...

    i'd love to pull articles from cox from that spring...

  4. Good memories giving mullet melrose the finger!

  5. I believe the actual emphasize from the whole movie can be a youthful Damien Cox (along with locks! )#) stating good reasons for the actual Leafs.

    I'm certain he is attempted to purchase each and every duplicate as well as burn off this in order to ruin evidence.

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