Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Let’s get old: Six small details I miss from the ancient days of the NHL

I am old.

You may have picked up on that, based on literally everything about me. That’s fine. I accept it. In fact, I embrace it. Somebody has to stand up for us fossils, and I’m doing that now.

(Struggles to get up out of chair while making pathetic grunting noises.)

There, I’m up. Let’s get old, with the debut of a new feature in which us relics get to reminisce about the largely meaningless things we miss about old-time hockey.

But first, let’s be crystal clear about what this feature will be – and what it isn’t. This is a place for us old folks to remember how the game used to be, and the subtle things we’ve lost along the way. It is not for waving our canes in the air about how everything stinks today and was better decades ago like some stereotypical curmudgeon. And it’s very much not for debating the big changes. If you want to argue that the salary cap ruined hockey, or shootouts and loser points are bad, or that the game was more honorable when there was respect and a code and guys breaking sticks over each other’s heads, or that Gary Bettman is a secret spy sent by the NBA to ruin everything, you’ll need to find a different venue. We don’t have the energy for that around here.

No, this is about the small things that we miss. Some of you whippersnappers won’t even know about this stuff, which is half the point, because it’s always fun to teach some punk kid something new.

Sound good? Groovy. Let’s get old.

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  1. The water bottles are in holders on the back of the net because having it sit on top interferes with the camera angle for replays. It’s in the goalie’s interest to put on top of the net in a way to block the camera, so a call is deemed “inconclusive”