Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Boo, in more ways than one. Celebrate Halloween with the NHL's scariest starts

Happy Halloween. Are you scared?

No? You should be. Because there’s probably a player on your favorite team who stinks right now.

That’s the stunningly creative theme of today’s post, as we scan around the league for players who've had frighteningly shaky Octobers. Bad starts are relative, of course, and we’re mostly focused on the guys who came into the season with high expectations – either because they were stars, or they were joining a new team, or both.

We’ll fill out a 21-man roster – we’re struggling here, so we’ll need that extra goalie – with a limit of one player per team, because otherwise the whole roster would just be this. That means 11 teams are left out, either because nobody is playing poorly or our expectations were already low, and I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which. We’ll work those teams in with some half-hearted honorable mentions, but for the rest of, let’s crank up the spooky music and hunt for some last-minute costume ideas that are truly scary.

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  1. Is DGB no longer doing the Athletic Hockey Show with Ian? I haven't heard him on there this year.

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