Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Every series that led us to the 2023 Stanley Cup final, ranked

We're two games into what looks like it could be a very good Stanley Cup final. At the very least it's an intriguing matchup, one featuring two teams who've never won a Cup. It's one conference's top seed against the other's eighth, but there's plenty of star power on either side. Both teams have been aggressive when it comes to building their rosters, and we've already seen some highlight reel plays and more than a little nastiness.

It could be a classic. Or maybe it won't be. You never really know with the Stanley Cup playoffs, where a can't-miss series can turn into a dud while one you were barely paying attention to ends up reeling you in. With some extra time before Game 3, let's look back on the road that brought us here with a ranking of all 14 series up to now, from worst to best.

What makes a great series? Pretty much whatever I say, since it's my list, but I'm looking for the same things you probaby are: Lots of drama, as much overtime as possible, some controversy that doesn't make me want to quit the sport forever, and at least one defining moment that we'll remember for years to come. And of course, the more games the better, although the other stuff is more important. Let's see where that takes us.

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