Monday, February 6, 2023

Weekend rankings: Just how worried should the Golden Knights be right now?

We don’t have much of a week to wrap this time around, so let’s start with my in-depth take on all-star weekend.

It was fine.

Cool, with that out of the way, let’s get onto this week’s rankings. Spoiler alert: With two-thirds of the league off since the last time we did this, the top and bottom five won’t have changed much. But maybe that makes this a good time to look back at the rankings up until now, if only to set the stage for the stretch run.

Five observations about this year’s rankings (so far)

5. No team has stayed in the top five all season long – I tried, Colorado fans, but I couldn’t make it happen. The Avs’ season-opening stretch of 12 straight top five appearances is a season-high streak, although it leaves them one back of the Hurricanes for the most total appearances.

4. Somehow, the same is true for the bottom five – This one shocked me, especially in a season where so many teams have been tanking since day one. The Coyotes have come the closest, missing out for just one week. The Blackhawks escaped for a few weeks in November when they were kicking around fake .500. The Ducks have the current longest streak at 14 straight bottom five mentions, but they weren’t in the season-opening list.

3. One team stands above all others in terms of mediocrity – We’ll use the middle spot on this list to highlight on team that’s done an amazing job of staying in the league’s mushy middle.

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