Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Athletic Hockey Show: All the world's a Tage

On this week's episode of The Athletic Hockey Show:
- Tage Thompson's dream season finds a new level
- Remembering some of history's other five-goal games
- Scoring is up but nobody really knows why
- One fan base is quickly becoming one of the most thin-skinned in the league and it needs to stop
- Jesse Granger on how the Rocket Richard odds are shifting
- More foot hockey talk, a crazy goalie stat, and lots more...

The Athletic Hockey Show runs most days of the week during the season, with Ian and I hosting every Thursday. There are two versions of each episode available:
- An ad-free version for subscribers that you can find here
- An ad-supported version you can get for free wherever you normally find your podcasts (like Apple or Spotify)

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