Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The prediction contest returns, with a new question and an even tougher bonus

Two years ago, I introduce what I thought would be a fun prediction contest with a simple concept: I ask you some easy questions about the upcoming season, you give me the easy answers, and then we sit back and realize that the prediction business isn’t all that easy after all. It ended up being a lot of fun, with roughly 800 entries and a close race down to the wire.

Last year, we doubled up to nearly 1,600 entries, added a new all-or-nothing bonus question, and saw even more chaos thanks to curveballs from Joe Sakic, Joel Quenneville, Barry Trotz and an injured Nathan MacKinnon, among others. Many of you followed the results all season long. Many more were basically eliminated by November.

It goes without saying that we’re doing this again this year, with essentially the same set of rules, plus a new question and a tweak to the bonus. As always, read the rules carefully and please follow the formatting guidelines. Good luck, and remember, this should be easy because the NHL is super predictable.

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