Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Athletic Hockey Show: On Nazem Kadri and the Islanders and oh crap nevermind

On this week's episode of The Athletic Hockey Show:
- A bunch of Nazem Kadri stuff you can skip because he signed eight seconds after he finished recording
- Front office confidence rankings
- Rerun rosters
- A lot about Bernie Nicholls for some reason?
- Figuring out which players had hat tricks with an EVG, a PPG and a SHG
- Various other rants and tangents from two hockey fans with nothing important to talk about

The Athletic Hockey Show runs most days of the week during the season, with Ian and I hosting every Thursday. There are two versions of each episode available:
- An ad-free version for subscribers that you can find here
- An ad-supported version you can get for free wherever you normally find your podcasts (like Apple or Spotify)

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