Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Puck Soup: When the referee gets ejected

On this week's episode of the Puck Soup podcast:
- We react to breaking news about the Tim Peel story
- Wysh remembers his controversial night drinking with Peel
- Are the Flyers terrible?
- Debating the top ten wingers
- Canadian border issues heat up
- The Snyder Cut, gross cereal, an OUFL we apparently already did before, and more...

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1 comment:

  1. I was listening to this podcast and my wife (who isn't really into hockey) was in the room, passively listening. When Sean said the bit about the Lightning intentionally taking penalties in order to get powerplays, my wife said "isn't that what the Flyers did in the 70s?"

    Back story: I was talking to my wife about Ken Dryden a few weeks ago after his diatribe on modern goalie equipment and I said "he wrote a book called The Game that I haven't read, but it's supposed to be good." My wife said "I like books!" and borrowed it from the library. Now she understands hockey arguably better than I do.

    The Flyers bit (The Game p.224) is a little different from the Lightning, but same concept: play as dirty as you want, because the refs hardly ever penalize one team significantly more than the other. "By deciding not to intervene, it is in fact intervening just as surely".