Sunday, December 6, 2020

Call for mailbag questions

Hey folks...

It's getting close to mailbag times again. Please send over some questions we can have some fun with, via email at What-ifs, would-you-rathers and all-time bests (and worsts) work well. Creative stuff is great, but the occasional straightforward question can often spark an interesting discussion too.


  1. I've long agreed with you about Goalies being hyper sensitive when it comes to changing the size of nets. What if instead of making the nets wider, we simply made them taller? Thinking 6x6 instead of 6x4. The drop to your knees goalies expose the upper part of the net. If they choose to stand up, the lower half is more available - and the precious angles are preserved! Only problem I see as an issue is that it is easily implementable and makes sense so it will have to clear those hurdles for NHL implementation. Did you have any thoughts?

  2. ^ Potential roblem there might be that higher shots lead to more shots at head/neck level. If you shoot that high now, there's no reward because it's over the crossbar.

  3. The players actually stood up to the owners and won. First time in the Bettman era, I believe.

    Do you think owners are a "What have you done for me lately..." type? At some point Bettman is going to have to step aside. Do you think we just witnessed the first fissure in his rock solid edifice? He seems to have either extremely underestimated the second wave, or overestimated his ability to shove the players around if the Return to Play CBA needed to be revisited. Either way, an extremely rare misstep from the commish.

    The beginning of a power shift?

    1. Lucas M., Athletic subscriber. Not sure why it's publishing as Unknown

  4. What were the worst divisions in NHL history (on a single season basis)? Yes, this was inspired by the 2020 NFC East.

  5. Give us a couple of "almost trades" that would've dramatically altered the NHL if they'd gone thru