Friday, November 4, 2016

Podcast: Shea Weber, Stars and Predators, and Canadian Panic

Vice Sports has launched a new NHL podcast called Biscuits, featuring Dave Lozo and I talking hockey.

In the debut episode, Dave and I discuss Shea Weber and the unbeatable Canadiens, the debate over which team is the NHL's second best, whether the Stars and Predators can recover, and What Canada is Panicking About Right Now.

(The show is now available on iTunes -- search "vice biscuit". Links for other platforms to come.)


  1. I really enjoyed the podcast, but I'd like to add something about Dallas's struggles so far this year. Goaltending has been an issue so far, but it hasn't been the only thing. They lost two of their top three defensemen last year and only brought in Dan Hamhuis as a replacement. Goligoski and Demers were really underrated possession drivers, and their absence is very noticeable so far. They've also been dealing with an absolutely ridiculous number of injuries to their forward group with Spezza, Sharp, Hudler, and Eakin all missing some time, Hemsky and Janmark out for the the year, Nichushkin leaving for Russia, and both Benn and Seguin missing most/all of training camp due to their own injuries. Right now only one of their current bottom six forwards was expected to be in the NHL to start the year. The defense is still an issue, and I think the goaltending is more likely to get worse than to get better, but the forward group getting healthy is reason to think they're not quite as bad as they've been so far.

  2. good start. The mood is light but the content has impact. There is northern and southern representation in the hosts, but maybe a western voice could share the balance

  3. Any chance for a rss feed link. Can't find it in my podcast app

    1. Does this work?

  4. I thought this had some really good hockey talk, especially for a pilot podcast. I'd like to see it expanded by allowing more flexibility for other non-current events (or even non-hockey silliness), that can really use DGB's comedy talents. I think it has some great potential. I also think it would be better with you guys in the same room to play off of each other but that isn't very realistic.