Wednesday, December 5, 2012

20 years ago today...

This happened:

Happy anniversary, Rob and Sylvain. And wow, I'm getting old.

(Glove tap to @checktheticker for the heads up.)


  1. I'm eagerly waiting for continued updates on this hockey season (20 years ago). Since there's nothing to follow this year, that would be greatly entertaining.

    It's really a shame that season ended after the end of regulation in the 6th game of the Western conference finals though. Wonder who would have won the cup that year...

    1. I'm not really sure that season really existed. That's just before I got into hockey, so I never saw any games. But I've read the record books and looked it up on Wikipedia.
      It said the Sabres were scoring machines and "supposedly" the Islanders made it not only to the playoffs but the conference final.
      Sounds fishy to me.

  2. And Lefebvre "Leaves" him there!!
    Great Pun!

  3. I insisted then and I insist now, the Clark-Sundin trade failed because it included Lefebvre.

  4. Damn slippery ice....

  5. I miss Hebsy. Sportsline on Global was the best way to get sports coverage if you didn't have cable. Hebscher and Tatti, put those two nut jobs on Sportscenter to shame.

  6. 'Down Goes Brown! Down Goes Brown!' now I understand.... Let's archive the whole season...even if they do come back.