Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down Goes Brown joins Sports Federation

Some site news to share this morning. The Score is announcing the launch of a network of blogs they're calling Sports Federation, and Down Goes Brown will be representing the Barilkosphere.

As a result, you'll notice a few changes:

  • A nifty new header that includes a dropdown to other sites in the network.

  • A new, wider layout. I needed to do that to make room for the...

  • ... ads. I know, I know, but they shouldn't be too bad. There are only three: the banner at the top, a square one on the side, and a small .exe that's currently installing itself on your system and will open 20 popups windows each time you start your browser. Like I said, no big deal.
If anyone runs into any problems with the new layout (slow page loads, content not appearing, etc), please let me know via e-mail or in the comments section.

Other than that, nothing changes around here. You'll still see the same sort of content you've always seen. We'll keep working every bit as hard to bring you the best Leafs writing on the web. It's just that now, a faceless corporation will be making money off it.

Wait, what?

Maybe I should go read that contract again. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the network's other hockey blogs. They are:
(You know, just in case you find yourself wondering "Hm, what would that giant Nickelback ad look like on a different site?")


  1. The McDonald's ad is making me dizzy.

  2. The McDonald's ad is making me dizzy.

    I hear it stops animating if you click it 1,000 times.

  3. Sens Chirp (John Tavares scouting reports)


  4. obviously I meant "make" not "male".

  5. Are you contractually obligated to link to now? Because, if you are, could you just subtly change the banner link at the top to ?

    Just asking....

  6. Congrats. This is my favorite Leafs blog, lurker that I am.