Monday, December 29, 2008

Worst sports prediction of 2008?

While scrolling through the Toronto Star's depressing list of it's most popular articles this year (Mats Sundin's house? His marriage? No Blue Jays at all? I hate you, Toronto Star readers), I came across this beauty from Rosie DiManno.

DiManno probably doesn't write about sports often enough to qualify for the coveted Mittenstringer of the Year award, but I'd argue she deserves consideration for this one article alone.

Writing the day after Sundin confirmed he would note waive, she has this to say in a column headlined "Classless Leafs don't deserve Mats":

"Doug Gilmour. Wendel Clark. Rob Ramage. Rick Vaive. Darryl Sittler. Dave Keon. All were Toronto Maple Leaf captains. And none retired from hockey in that capacity. Mats Sundin intends to do so, damn it...

The public has grown weary of sports idols who swap loyalties for the green, and rosier environments. Would serve the Leafs right if, denied a deal for Sundin at the deadline, he refuses to re-sign here now. But he won't. The guy's only crime is that he's not a mercenary, that he's true. All else is false."
Dear lord. Given the importance of the story, has anyone ever been more wrong? About anything? If I sat down to write an article called "The exact opposite of what actually happened with Mats Sundin", wouldn't there have to be a paragraph that was identical to what DiManno wrote?

This isn't even (for once) a knock on Sundin -- she's not quoting him in any of those passages. This is simply the opinion of one highly paid professional sports writer, with her finger on the pulse of the situation in ways that mere bloggers and fans like you and I could never understand.

Great work, Rosie. This is why you're easily one of the 10 or 20 best hockey writers the Star has. We look forward to your future work, such as "Sun to rise in West" and "Stajan to avoid soccer ball".


  1. All of the Cox and DiManno articles have such depressing titles. It has to be strain on someone to continue to write negative things all the bloody time.

    And you are right, I couldn't stop laughing at the line that he was going to retire a Leaf.

  2. The last two lines of the story may have been wrong, but the rest of the story is bang on right.. Once again the Leafs manage to fuck over one of their most faithful and long serving employees. It's not exactly news is it?

  3. She at least go this part bang on...

    "This is an organization without class and without conscience. Was a time that could be attributed to the deranged persona of Harold Ballard, a bully and misanthrope who abused staff, shamed players and held fans in contempt. But at least there was a face to put to the bungle and a desk where the buck stopped.

    If you were to call the Leafs' front office today and ask to speak with the person in charge, who in the world might that be? It's a board of directors accountable to no one except shareholders and immune from scandal."