Thursday, November 6, 2008

Damien Cox finally throws in the towel on "blame the fans"

Anyone who reads the daily mumblings of Leaf bloggers knows that there's no easier way to get us cranky than by playing the "blame the fans" card. The old idea that the Leafs are bad because their incredibly loyal dumb and gullible fans keep buying tickets has been beaten into the ground by the media, even though we all know it doesn't make any sense.

Well, it's buried in the final paragraph of his online mailbag today, but Damien Cox has finally come clean and admitted that the fans aren't to blame.

When it comes to wins and losses, Cox writes:
... at the end of the day the only truly influential people are the players and those with the power to be decision-makers in the sport.
OK, technically speaking he was answering a question about the media, not the fans. In fact, he was making the exact opposite point -- that when the team loses, the fans shouldn't blame the media. You know... him.

But clearly, his statement cuts both ways. His point is clear: only the players and the team decision-makers influence wins and losses. Which means somehow, finally, he's seen the light. The war is over. Damien Cox doesn't blame you any more.

So remember, the next time you read a Cox column that points a finger in your direction, he's only kidding. He doesn't mean it. If he did, he'd be an enormous hypocrite, and he's just not that sort of guy.


  1. Great news.

    But what was with trashing Ed Chenowyth? There is no way that Anderson's contributions to hockey come close to matching Ed's. I guess he means that Glenn scored more goals in the NHL yet he wants us to ignore contributions to the NHL when inducting women into the Hall*.

    And what about this tidbit:

    Anderson, I can tell you, had his way into the Hall blocked by at least one member who held a personal grudge against the former Edmonton star for something that happened during his career.

    Ummm isn't that something a reporter might report? Maybe do a series on the Hall of Fame's selection committee and suggest reforms instead of tossing out gossip tidbits like a bald Perez Hilton.

    * It's the Hockey Hall of Fame so women should definitely be represented.

  2. Ummm isn't that something a reporter might report?

    You know better. These guys won't even report on Bryan McCabe trashing his own coach until he's already out of town.

    That said, there's a certain irony in Damien Cox calling out somebody for holding a personal grudge. Wonder what Fletcher/Domi/Tucker/a dozen other guys would say about that.

  3. Or better yet I recommend not reading a word Cox writes so that he will go buh-bye.
    Oh I feel the same way about those other sports "writers" you know, hammy and company.