Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Damien Cox: Who came up with this dumb strategy? Oh wait, I did.

The Barilkosphere has been having a good laugh at Damien Cox's expense today, thanks to commenter "nealio" over at Toronto Sports Media. He pointed out that Cox had apparently changed his mind on the Bryan McCabe deal in just 24 hours:
Damien Cox, Sept. 2, 2008:
‘Can’t say this is a bad trade for the Leafs…’

Damien Cox, Sept. 3, 2008:
‘McCabe deal a bad one for Leafs.’
This certainly isn't a first for the Toronto media, most of whom decided long ago that the Leafs are always wrong even if they're right. I pointed out a similar double-take by Howard Berger a few weeks ago.

After all, the name of the game in Toronto is relentless criticism of everything Leaf-related, even if you have to twist yourself into a logical pretzel to do it. It's the third thing they teach you in Toronto sports journalism school, right after the number "1967" and the phrase "draft schmaft".

But to his credit, Cox is still the king. His good trade/bad trade switcheroo today wasn't even the only one in his column. Have a look:
"First, second and third rounders were sacrificed to move up two slots in the draft to acquire the rights to Luke Schenn."
Wow, what a dummy Fletcher is! He traded all those picks just to move up from seventh to fifth. Two lousy spots! No wonder Cox has been hammering the Schenn trade every single chance he gets for the past three months.

Oh wait, what do we have here, in this column from January?
"The overall strategy, don't forget, has to revolve around getting top five picks both in the 2008 and '09 entry drafts..."
So the overall strategy has to focus on landing a top five pick... but when Fletcher trades up to get exactly that pick, he's a dunce.

Cox argues one side, then changes his mind a few months later. And he thinks we're too dumb to notice.

Gee, no wonder he gets along with Mats Sundin so well.


  1. First, second and third rounders were sacrificed

    That's really bad writing. A first rounder was not sacrificed at all. The first round pick became a better first round pick. How is that a sacrifice? Second and third round picks were sacrificed for that to happen, but I don't remember losing a first round pick, I only remember the Leafs getting to pick Luke Schenn in the first round, something they would have been unable to do had they held on to their 3rd and 4th round picks.

  2. So long as we "dummies" keep buying The Star, visiting it's website and talking about Damien, he will continue to be popular.

    The guy is full of schist. He is trying to sell papers and he does a good job of it.