Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Howard Berger has changed his mind, but still thinks you're dumb

Disclaimer: I actually like Howard Berger.

That said, he's clearly learned an important lesson from guys like Simmons and Cox. Namely, that you can take either side of an issue whenever it's convenient, even if that means flip-flopping like Daniel Alfredsson after the Mark Bell hit. And this is especially true if the issue is the biggest, bestest, funnest of them all: how dumb Leaf fans are.

Hey Howard, how do Leaf fans deal with negative media coverage? Do they like it or not?

Here's Howard today:

So, if it’s true that the consistently lousy performance of the Leafs is partly due to “negative” media coverage, it is that way solely because of the demand for such material. A demand that is insatiable and endless.
Here's Howard last week:
Many Leaf supporters were angry at Healy for his strong remarks and that, too, was predictable. Nothing bothers Leaf fans more than a media figure painting an accurate picture of the club.

I mean... how can I put this...

These guys do know that the stuff they write online stays there, right? Like, they understand that it doesn't just get tossed in the trash and forgotten like a newspaper column? That if they say one thing today and then argue the exact opposite a few days later, we can actually go and check that?

Should we tell them?


  1. I don't bother with Berger much. His facts are shady and he's a bit of a glam-pop freelancer. Since he writes most of his stuff in between lap-dances, and his source is usually a lap-dancer, there's a discontinuity in his "work".

  2. Don't dash their belief that their previous blog posts evaporate every evening at 9pm or after one's hamster has finished with it.

    Could Berger be any dumber? Are Leaf fans the only ones that follow the news in TO? Over half of the comments on any Cox blog post are from non-Leaf fans that are looking to lap up the BS that he peddles as the truth.

    You folks hate his guts for bearing the truth

    Oh God he is one dumb SOB.

  3. wow...just wow...berger's cementing his reputation as quite the douchebag, on par with the likes of simmons and cocks.

  4. You have to wonder how long these guys can go on biting the hands that feed them (or if you'll excuse the pun, spiting the eyes that read them.)

    Can't someone mildly competent be given access to the Leafs and a platform to share the news?

  5. Save the moderately competent for the likes of Hornby, Zeisberger (sp), fidlin (just to name the Sun), et al. that is what they are there for. Literary giants they are not, but at least there is some attempt at fact...

    tell me, after Cliffy brought on Hollweg, cause GOD KNOWS his 3+ minutes a nite arent better served for a Kulemin... or Tlusty... didnt we all just KNOW what Simmons or Cox or Berger was gonna say?

    But we still listened and read...

    Not to say we are all a bunch of Etobicoke idiots... but dont you read those clowns just because of that? Hopefully not for the sorely lacking intelligent commentary...

  6. "Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful" is another way of summing up the blog post.

    That being said he has a point, Leaf fans are an insatiable lot...hence why MLSE need not win to make their money.

    There are also too many Leaf fans who believe every year is THE year if only the leafs would make that one more trade, or sign someone. And you wonder why the Leafs over the last 40 years have done just that.

    Howard has a great gig....easy sources and an audience that will read anything that is written. He could write 24/7 and it still wouldnt be enough for the insatiable fanbase.