Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is taken?

Its been a rough week for those of us who get regular doses of the Maple Leafs media brigade.

Today we learned that the fine folks at Cox Bloc are retiring from the media-mocking game -- not because the writers are getting any better, but because they keep churning out the same garbage so predictably that its not fun to write about anymore. They'll be missed.

Earlier in the week, we got the infamous Howard Berger "You love to hate us" stinkbomb, in which he argued that the Toronto media is so bad because that's what fans want.

Fire Joe Morgan had a take on the kind of argument Howard was making in a post today. As usual when it comes to sports media, they get it exactly right:

I, for one, am sick of wrongheaded writers telling me I love to hate them when in fact I hate to hate them. A note to Baylessian contrarians: you should take no joy in being so wrong about something that throngs of people rise up as one to denounce you. This should not be what it means to be a writer. When thousands of people write you angry emails about something you said or wrote that was wrong, you should not shrug your shoulders and say, "I must be doing something right if I got so many people interested!" No, sir. Sir, no. You were wrong. That is the end of the story. You were so wrong you made people angry. There is no glory in your profound wrongitude. Please stop doing this.


  1. "There is no glory in your profound wrongitude. Please stop doing this."


  2. i love FJM, those guys are absolutely hilarious.

    firedamiencox is a GREAT idea!