Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Damien Cox is trying, but he still doesn't get it

Damien Cox writes a bizarre online column today (and no, its not a blog if it never links anywhere and he never participates in the comments, no matter what thestar.com wants to call it). He writes about the experience of attending an Eagles concert at the ACC, and his dismay at the poor review the Star gave the show the next day.

After a long description of the concert, Cox finally gets to the point. And on the surface, he actually seems to be reaching out to his readers:

So like a Leafs fan who takes in a game, loves it despite its shortcomings, and wants to see it written that way the next day, I guess I felt momentarily disheartened to read Quill's take. But in this case, he's the columnist, I'm the fan. That's how its supposed to work. But maybe I'll understand a little better the next time an outraged reader drops an email bomb on me when he doesn't like my take on a big game.
His concert experience seems to have shown Cox what life is like from a fan's point of view. And finally, he starts to understand why so many fans fill his inbox (and their blogs) with criticism.

Here's the problem: Cox misses the point entirely.

So in the spirit of reaching out, let's try to explain it to him.

Damien, its not that we don't like your columns because you're critical of the Leafs. You have to be. The Leafs suck. We all know that. It would be ridiculous of you to write a "positive review" of yet another 7-1 drubbing. That's not what the fans want.

What we want is a little bit of effort. We're tired of the cookie-cutter columns, we're tired of you holding grudges, and we're especially tired of you blaming us, the fans, for every problem the Leafs have.

Let's put it this way. You know that negative review that Greg Quill wrote? (The one that you actually link to -- apparently you do have a "create link" button after all!)

Imagine if the review centered on a personality conflict Quill had with Don Henley 15 years ago that he won't let go of. And imagine he said the Eagles sounded bad because their fans (you know, you) are tone-deaf dummies who keep buying expensive seats to crappy concerts. And then imagine that you realized that the bad review was essentially the same review Quill had written about a dozen other concerts already, with a few of the names swapped out.

Imagine how much more annoyed you'd be after reading that.

See? Maybe we're starting to understand each other after all.


  1. Get outta my cab, man!

  2. The Eagles won a grammy this year. It was their first win in almost 30 years.

    I wonder if Damien was still a fan in between, or if he thought it would be pathetic to keep cheering on a group that was in that kind of drought...

  3. lest we not forget it was the fans fault they didn't win a Grammy, I mean if they had stopped going to concerts and supporting such a crappy band the Eagles would have won like 80 Grammys in that time

  4. a guy I work with claims that whenever he hears The Eagles, something bad happens to him (stubs his toe, car breaks down, etc.) Then again, he's a pretentious self-centered ass, so I don't listen to him at all.

    Nicely played post, though. NICELY played.

  5. *standing ovation*

  6. Did you email this to him? Tell me you emailed this to him...

    Not to suggest DC Talk isn't a regular reader, but we need to make sure that he reads this.

    VERY well done.

  7. damn, you nailed this post.


  8. What is with everyone's hatred of Damian Cox? I've never read his columns, but apparently a lot of bloggers love to. Is his work really that bad? Does he deserve this much attention? Who the hell is Damian Cox?

    I don't get it, it must be a slow day in sports when one guy is writing about a column some other guy wrote about the a column someone else wrote about the Eagles. And we're all commenting on that blog...

  9. sounds like summer for a hockey fan to me.

  10. What were you saying? I was too busy writing another Leafs-fan bashing article. Could you spell it out for me. And wtf is a "link"? Is that a game or something?