Monday, April 14, 2008

Chris Stevenson must have missed a memo

I've been having some fun with the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch and Don Brennan for their (typical) homerism in recent columns. Since I don't want this blog to turn into Cox Bloc North, I'm not looking to beat the subject into the ground.

However, fair's fair. I took a minor dig at Chris Stevenson in my last post, but for the record Stevenson is easily the best of the Sun's hockey beat writers. Maybe i'ts because Sun Media has had him doing a general hockey blog, or maybe he's still stubbornly clinging to the concept of objectivity, but he can still be counted on to write like a grownup from time to time.

Here's Stevenson's piece today on the new mural that's been added to the visitor's hallway at ScotiaBank place.

Money quotes:

In what is surely one of the stupidest and most ignorant moves going, somebody with the Senators organization decided to cover a wall near the Penguins dressing room in Scotiabank Place with a large mural. It's a photo of the Senators shaking hands with the Penguins after the Senators eliminated them in their first-round matchup last spring...

The photo smacks of arrogance -- unearned by this franchise, frankly, which has been a notorious underachiever at this time of year and has little reason to look down on any other or rub the noses of opposing players in defeat.
So there you have it. Proof that it is, techinically, possible to write a hockey story in Ottawa without having to get it pre-appoved by Roy Mlakar.


  1. damn, i can't believe the sens would actually do that (mural)...that's whack...and Stevenson is bang on...big time arrogance, and i'm sure les penguins will use it as motivation...unbelievable.

    respect for the ottawa insight as always, sean.

  2. What's wrong with Cox Bloc?

    And Stevenson's piece was solid, but it is hilarious that the Sun titles his musings 'Sports Bloggin' - makes me think of 'Logjammin.'

    Great work - can't wait to watch the video tonight.

  3. Nothing wrong with Cox Bloc, with the possible exception that you guys do this sort of thing better than I can.

  4. The Garrioch piece was classic. The Ottawa media (AKA Double A) is an even easier target than TO, unbelievably.

    I look forward to your 3000 word expose of Stuntman Stu.

  5. I'm going to try to avoid writing anything about the local sports radio station. They generate material so quickly that there's a good chance I would start writing and never be able to stop, just typing away until I had filled all the tubes on the internet.

  6. Yeah, that's generally why we steer clear of Leafs Lunch et al.

    There's only so much sanity I have to burn (and the teams I follow have been burning their share lately).