Saturday, February 9, 2008

"And this will draw everyone into the fray..."

Remember during the 1990 season, when the Hawks' Bryan Marchement would periodically cheap shot a Leaf with a sucker punch or a knee-on-knee hit? The Leafs frustration grew over time until one night in Chicago the entire team jumped him and took turns beating on him, culminating in the infamous (and probably apocryphal) rumor that Marchement was screaming like a little girl as Clark popped his face mask off one bolt at a time.

Well, we're seeing a similar situation play out this month. The role of Marchement is being played by the ongoing media myth that "Leaf fans are to blame because they keep buying tickets". And the horde of angry Leafs is being played by various Leaf bloggers.

The Bitter Leaf Fan kicked things off with an excellent post. Others joined in, and now Pension Plan Puppets has jumped in with a fantastic analysis of Leafs and Habs ticket-buying trends. We've been hearing from Cox and Berger and the like for years now about how much smarter Habs fans are because they don't buy tickets when the team isn't doing well. PPP shows that it's not true.

Imagine that. Apparently, Howard Berger's fictional limo driver was wrong.

Now the only thing left to be seen is which media member plays the role of Stu Grimson, losing their mind and throwing referees around in an effort to get involved, and eventually being humiliatingly bodyslammed by Doug Gilmour. My money's on DiManno.

And just for old time's sake...

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